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Timber Isles Pool Deck Soft Wash

Timber Isles Pool Deck Soft Wash

This one was a doozy!

As vast as Orlando may seem to be, this was right in my neck of the woods. The amount of lichen and moss growing on and across this pool enclosure was pretty heavy. It was mainly due to this pool deck facing the north, and also this home was right next to the woods. All manner of insects, and humidity existed in the area nearby, including some remnants of the swampland. High pressure was going to be of no use, as high pressure doesn’t kill organic growth. It would only knock off the outer, softer layers and would run the risk of removing the already thinning paint!

I began to soft wash the screen enclosure, and had to retreat several areas. As the thick lichen and layers of green began to melt off, I was careful of all the surrounding vegetation. I fired up my pressure washer and began to deliver a high-volume, low-pressure rinse to the entire cage. It turns out beneath all that gross growth, there was still a vibrant, white cage. The screen was unharmed, due to lack of excessive force and the sun shone through with no remaining green tint.

As I’ve stated before on many posts, soft washing is the go-to service and is highly effective at removing organic growth. By its use of algaecides and surfactants, it delivers gentle, long-lasting results across many types of surfaces and finishes. While pressure washing certainly has its place, soft washing has a much broader range of application especially when it comes to pool deck/ patio washing.

Budget: 225

Location: Orlando, FL

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