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Soft Vs Hard Concrete Orlando Fl Dr

Soft Vs Hard Concrete Orlando Fl Dr

Here we have another overdue concrete driveway cleaning. When you look at the clean/after photos, you can tell there are two different types of concrete here. That means that careful consideration must be taken so as to make sure both are cleaned properly, while neither one is left with scars from over pressurization.

To begin, I pre wet the grass to ensure no damage. Then I used my low-pressure soft washing equipment to lay down a slightly stronger treatment than usual, which would help ‘dig’ out the hiding algae as the main slab of concrete was rather porous. The other brighter slab was exceptionally soft and I ended up needed to dial back my pressure washer to reduce pressure. At 10GPM, my machine is more than capable of maintain cleaning efficacy while causing no damage. As I made passes with my surface cleaner, I began to be able to see more of the aggregate that made up the slab. After years of rain, sun, algae and traffic, this “cream” layer had worn off and we could now see the stones that made up the structure of the slab. Using the appropriate amount of pressure ensured that we wouldn’t lift up any rocks, which would become a point for erosion in the future. This is something that many other washers simply don’t care about. As I’ve said before, my driveway washing includes a lot more washing than pressure! Castle Wash is committed to excellence and premium services in and around Orlando, Fl !

Budget: $150

Location: Orlando, FL

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