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Paver Driveway Degrease Orlando

Paver Driveway Degrease Orlando

This was a simple, straightforward soft wash job, paired with an oil stain removal. Oil stain removal depends greatly on time. The longer the stains are allowed to sit, the harder they will become to remove. While total stain removal is never guaranteed, the sooner stains are addressed, the better the end result will be.

All that being said, the oil stain was made the day before and would hardly pose a problem for Castle Wash. After laying down some very strong degreaser, I set to work on agitating “scrubbing” the stain and worked the solution into the bricks as much as possible. This is generally a crucial step in degreasing and will yield the best results possible.

I allowed the degreaser to dwell while I began to pre-wet the grass and apply the soft wash solution to the rest of the driveway and sidewalk. Concrete, when freshly poured, is soft and can be scarred by applying too much pressure. This customer elected to have it soft washed to remove the organic growth and not remove the ‘Cream layer’ which keeps the concrete even and smooth.

The best part comes when washing all the dirt and debris from the area! After I was finished, the pavers were free of oil and the concrete was brighter already. As usual, I tell the homeowner that the concrete will continue to brighten over the next few days.

I offer degreasing and driveway washing all over Orlando and pavers have the highest success rate for removal.

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Budget: $200

Location: Orlando, FL

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